DonateNow WordPress慈善主题

DonateNow 是一款简洁灵活自适应的Wordpress慈善主题,主题后台功能强大,使用html5和CSS3,主题有主题支持论坛,主题带有慈善产品,合作,作品,博客等页面,非常容易设置和自定义。DonateNow

[newauthor title=主题功能]

  • Donations form shortcode
  • Donations list shortcode
  • Global donations target shortcode
  • Collected funds / Target progress bar shortcode
  • Collected funds shortcode
  • Enable/disable donations amount target
  • Add donors to your wordpress users list
  • Create a “donor” role in you users list
  • Export donations list to CSV file
  • CSS3 animated progress bar (% of target display)
  • Thank you email (you can customize it!)
  • Admin email notification (customizable)
  • Many options to configure the plugin
  • Recurring Payments
  • Custom Donation Amount
  • and more…



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